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Individuals who have been seriously injured in accidents involving commercial trucks such as 18 wheelers should seek legal advice as soon as possible.  Often times, individuals choose to wait a few days or even weeks before hiring legal counsel.  
If you are a victim of such an accident you need to contact an attorney immediately so that you can ensure your legal rights to pursue a claim on your behalf are protected.  A qualified law firm will be able to investigate the accident scene and vehicles involved in the accident.  This may include, but is not limited to an investigator and trucking accident expert team being dispatched to the scene to preserve evidence and record the scene as near or close to the time of the accident as possible. 
Hiring a law firm allows the best opportunity to recover evidence, preserve the evidence found, and take witness statements from key people who witnessed the accident.  An effort should also be made to obtain the police report as soon as it becomes available to verify accurate recordings and key facts.
It may also require a legal motion to prevent the trucking company from altering or destroying critical evidence involved such as load data, driver data, and trip information, as well as electronic black boxes that are found in most trucks that record engine data such as a drivers last breaking and speeding actions that may prove liability against the trucking company.
Large trucking companies customarily have their own accident teams and attorneys that take action to mitigate and control an accident scene, police reports, and witness statements in favor of the company when they are notified of an accident.  These teams are on the way as soon as they hear of an accident and while victims are on the way to the hospital or to identify fatal victims involved in an accident.  
Therefore, it’s essential that you have your own legal team working on your behalf and with your families interest in mind as soon as possible to ensure your best efforts for any recovery to be made on your behalf.
You should also be careful of making any statements that are recorded by insurance companies on behalf of the trucking company that may be used against you.  Always speak to an attorney before you speak with any insurance company, because the goal of an insurance company is always motivated by limiting the damages to paying the least amount possible for any claim and not maximizing your financial recovery.   

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