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Our firm represents several victims of commercial vehicle accidents at any one time. These victims have suffered immeasurably due to the actions and decisions of commercial vehicle drivers and companies throughout the United States, and most of the time PROFIT is the real cause of the incidents. While there is nothing wrong with a business making a profit (that is the point of business!), businesses must conduct themselves in a responsible manner – especially when their business activities can seriously injure or kill innocent people.

Sadly, many commercial vehicles are improperly maintained, and corners are cut, for the sole purpose of saving a buck. This August, the American Association for Justice released a report on commercial vehicle accidents, and the findings are frightening. The most common problem with these enormous, super-heavy metal machines traveling at highway speeds along side much smaller passenger vehicles is brake failure! Other common violations are commercial vehicles driving on bad tires, and trucks being over-loaded. These problems, especially when combined, are a recipe for disaster, and the sad thing is that many truckers and trucking companies know about these problems and choose to ignore them. It is much cheaper for them to ignore the problems, save money on maintenance and repair, and roll the dice – on your life! Talk about killer profits. Our firm sees firsthand the devastation brought on by these problems, and it is inexcusable.

Please always be aware of your surroundings when you are driving, and pay close attention to commercial vehicles whether they are trash trucks or 18 wheelers. Drive defensively and do not take for granted that the "professional" driver next to you on the highway is a safe driver driving a safe vehicle.

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