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Koua Fong Lee has finally been released from prison. This case brought to light the many issues that Toyota has had with cars experiencing Sudden Accleration Incidents. People from across the country are finally realizing that accidents they have had with regards to this problem are speaking out and seeking help.

Many lives have been and will continue to be affected by Toyota Sudden Acceleration incidents. It is time that Toyota acknowledge that there are issues that go beyond the current recall initiatives being taken.

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The following excerpt was taken from an editorial in the Minneapolis Star Tribune Newspaper written by Mr. Jon Tevlin.

Despite mounting evidence — witness after witness who testified to experiencing the same acceleration problems, in the same kind of car — that Lee was telling the truth, Gaertner fought the case right up until it seemed ludicrous to go on. Gaertner had to know by then that she could not in good faith bring the case to trial again, yet she offered Lee a deal that in retrospect seems almost cruel: Lee could go home that day if he accepted his conviction.

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