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There are
plenty of criteria by which to judge resorts and hotels. Such as location, price, attractions just to
name a few. There are plenty of
websites to help you choose where to stay on your next vacation, but you should
never over look safety. Those websites
might tell you which hotel has the best view and a pool, it may not tell you if
the pool has a certified lifeguard on duty, or a trained pool maintenance

While it’s
true that plenty vacationers play it safe around the water, accidents can
happen fast. Even the most attentive
parent can miss something a lifeguard is trained to watch for. In the event of an accident, wouldn’t you feel
better knowing someone who has been trained in first aid and CPR is right there
waiting to assist? Wouldn’t you want to
swim in a pool with a certified lifeguard as opposed to a pool with a sign that
reads, “Swim at your own risk”?

Having a
lifeguard around is just the tip of the iceberg. All public pools operated in Texas are supposed to meet a
plethora of criteria set fourth by the Texas Department of State Health Services. The general
public may be able to decide whether or not they should swim at their own risk,
but what about the things you have no control over? We trust that the pool has the proper chemicals and the right
amounts for water clarity. Don’t
hesitate to ask the hotel manager if they have a certified Texas pool
maintenance staff that maintains the facilities.

While you are on the phone asking questions, ask if hotel offers any on site security. Far too often we see the signs that say
management is not responsible for damaged cars. If the hotel or resort really wants to keep their customers happy
they can arrange to have police patrols come by or have a security guard on the

You can
also check the crime rate of the area the hotel is in. The website,, will allow you to
see many statistics, including crime rate, of a given area. All you have to do is type in the zip code of a potential hotel
to get information about the amount of crime, air and water quality in the
area, and many other statistics that are just downright interesting. That way you can see for yourself if the
hotel you are looking at is in a high crime rate area.

Summer time
is a great time to go on vacation and get your mind off things, but that doesn’t
mean we can take a break from playing it safe.
Never do that. Always keep
safety as your number one priority, right up there with location and site

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