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Some things to keep in mind when looking for a place to live.  Is this a safe complex? Get a run sheet  on police activity for that apartment complex.  Have there been a number of violent crimes or thefts in the area?  Will the complex have a full time security detail on alert/patrol at all times?  Does the complex have a pool that is used by the tenants and if so is that pool maintained by certified pool operators familiar with keeping the pool up to government standards?

These are just some of the important questions that need answering before you sign a lease.  Your life may be at risk if you choose to rent from land lords that care nothing more about profits and rent payments rather than tenant safety.  Safety should be the number one thing to keep in mind when choosing a place to live.  You should know if a complex is safe or if its a crime magnet.
With regards to pools, the fact is that many pool attendees for the complex have little or no training in up keeping pools.  More often than not, these pool attendees were hired for every day repairs and not to work on cleaning the pools.  This can affect the way a pool is operated and whether or not a pool is safe to swim in.  As a future or potential resident you should ask if the pool person is certified and if the complex has a history of drowning events or near drowning events.  Ask to see the pool inspections conducted by City Health Inspectors and use that information to help you decided whether a pool is safe or has a history of failed inspections.  Feel free to call the City of Corpus Christi Health Department for questions regarding commercial pools, this is public information open for your viewing.

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