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In a press conference earlier this evening, Spohn CEO Bruce Holstein acknowledged ” something went terribly wrong”.

Breaking news by local TV station KIII confirmed that one of the 14 infants who was overdosed with the controversial drug Heparin this July 4th Weekend was pronounced dead this morning at Christus Spohn South Hospital in Corpus Christi, Texas. The death may likely have been caused due to a higher than normal dosage of the drug Heparin being administered to the infant this past weekend.

Heparin is widely used to flush intravenous lines to prevent blood clots from forming. Side effects have been uncontrolled bleeding and bruising on the body.

Spohn CEO, Holstein, admitted that a pharmacy mixing error may have been to blame for the death of the seven day old infant. The mixing process took place on July 3rd and the doses were administered to the 14 infants on July 4th. As of Sunday evening Spohn officials began investigating what went wrong. As of yesterday all the infants given the overdose were being closely monitored.

However, this morning news spread of the fatal infant’s overdose by the hands of Spohn’s medical staff. Heparin has received national media attention after numerous deaths were reported as a result of the drug’s use. Eleven other infants at Spohn are being closely monitored by Spohn after receiving overdoses this past weekend.

This is truly a tragedy that could have been prevented had the proper standard of care been taken and proper dosage administered.

Holstein maintained at the press conference that Spohn is keeping close ties with the families that have been affected by the overdose of the drug. I have no doubt they will continue those efforts for fear of the liability and risk they have brought on themselves as a result of their pharmacy mishap.

It’s important for families to know that hospital officials reaching out to them are doing their best to limit the legal exposure to Spohn while aiding and courting families during these tragic times.

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