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Trucker Misses His Mark Spilling Tons Of Trash

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While hauling a load of trash to the Cefe Venezuela Landfill, a trucker missed his mark. For reasons unknown at this time, the big rig turned over on its side while inside the landfill, spilling a portion of its nearly 18 tons of trash.

The driver, although not injured, was taken to the hospital as a precaution.

The accident is being investigated by Corpus Christi police.

The trouble now is cleaning up all of the trash that spilled and transferring the tons of garbage into another vehicle for proper disposal, just a short distance from the scene of the accident.

In a separate accident earlier this month, an 18-wheeler carrying 400,000 pounds of watermelon partially flipped over and onto the roadway. It took several hours to clean the mess. No one was injured.