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Eleven Killed When Tractor-Trailer Crashes Into Tour Bus

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Eleven people were killed when a drunken tractor-trailer driver lost control of his vehicle and struck a bus carrying a tour group from Texas, officials said.

The deaths included a winter Texan from Iowa and seven Americans, among them two teachers from Brownsville. Also killed in the tragic accident were three Canadians and the Mexican bus driver, according to Jose Angel Herrera, a federal homicide detective in northern Coahuila state.

According to officials, the tractor-trailer drive lost control of the vehicle – left the road and then swerved back and came straight for the bus which was traveling in the opposite direction. In total, sixteen people were injured, many of which sustained serious injuries.

The truck driver, who was also hurt, was intoxicated and will be charged with involuntary homicide.

The passengers were on a four-day bus tour of Mexican cities of Zacatecas and Real de Catorce.