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Jesse E. Guerra Jr.
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Pool Yard Enclosures and Pool Safety

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Chapter 757 (Pool Yard Enclosures) TXDHSS 265.200(b) of the Texas Health and Safety Code requires pool gates and doors to be “SELF-CLOSING and SELF-LATCHING”. In plain english, a gate must close and latch on its own from any open position.

This is important because small children can easily access swimming pools if these gates do not work properly to prevent innocent small children from accessing the pool. Modern gate latches are positioned at the top of the gate and are harder to open therefore, being much safer and effective for keeping out small children.

The numerous apartment complexes and hotels operating pools without trained life guards on duty should take extra care in making sure that the gates and latches are working each day and through out the day to ensure tenants and guest safety.

If you notice that a gate is not working properly notify the manager on duty or owner of the complex or hotel immediately. A pool that does not have these in place is in clear violation of the Texas Rules on Pool Safety mentioned in The Texas department of Health and Safety Standards for Pools and Spas and must be closed until corrective action is taken to get the gates in compliance.