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Chrissie Cole

Trucker Misses His Mark Spilling Tons Of Trash

While hauling a load of trash to the Cefe Venezuela Landfill, a trucker missed his mark. For reasons unknown at this time, the big rig turned over on its side while inside the landfill, spilling…

Rey Pena

Texas Commercial Vehicle Accident Attorney Discusses Tragedy near Beeville

There has recently been another horrible tragedy on our Texas highways. This time, a beautiful 4 year old boy named Luca Moya was killed, and his mother, Emika Moya, was seriously injured….

Rey Pena

Texas Commercial Vehicle Accident Attorney Discusses Killer Profits

Our firm represents several victims of commercial vehicle accidents at any one time. These victims have suffered immeasurably due to the actions and decisions of commercial vehicle drivers and…

Chrissie Cole

Eleven Killed When Tractor-Trailer Crashes Into Tour Bus

Eleven people were killed when a drunken tractor-trailer driver lost control of his vehicle and struck a bus carrying a tour group from Texas, officials said.
The deaths included a winter Texan…

Chrissie Cole

Butane Tanker Rolls Over On U.S. Highway 277

A tractor-trailer rolled over on U.S. Highway 277 near Sonora, on Wednesday morning. The truck, carrying liquefied butane, was removed from the crash site at 11:30 p.m., after 15 hours, according…

Chrissie Cole

Texas Woman Killed In Rollover Truck Accident

A truck accident claimed the life of a 49-year-old Waco woman on Sunday night when she was ejected from the vehicle in a one-vehicle crash on Interstate 35.
The woman, whose name was not…

Chrissie Cole

Tractor-Trailer Damages Texas Overpass

A tractor-trailer struck the State Highway 360 overpass on Wednesday, according to Arlington police.
The 18-wheelter truck, hauling a forklift took a chunk out of the overpass located near Six…

Chrissie Cole

Employee Crushed By Garbage Truck in Montgomery County

A garbage worker was killed this morning when the truck he was riding rolled over and crushed him, according to authorities. The driver, 24, was pronounced dead at the scene. He was an employee for…

Jesse E. Guerra Jr.

Texas Safety Lawyer discusses Hiring a Lawyer for Trucking Accidents

Individuals who have been seriously injured in accidents involving commercial trucks such as 18 wheelers should seek legal advice as soon as possible.  Often times, individuals choose to wait a few…

Chrissie Cole

Truck Crashes into San Marcos River

An 18-wheeler plummeted into the environmentally sensitive San Marcos River this morning and emergency workers have been working to remove the fuel from the truck tank. The truck cab had been…