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Bob Hilliard

In Koua Fong Lee case, justice delayed was justice denied

Koua Fong Lee has finally been released from prison. This case brought to light the many issues that Toyota has had with cars experiencing Sudden Accleration Incidents. People from across the…

Chrissie Cole

Six Sent To Hospital Following Car Crash

Six people were sent to the hospital with neck, shoulder and leg injuries following a car accident near Bay Area Fellowship Church yesterday.
According to troopers, the accident happened around…

Jesse E. Guerra Jr.

Texas Toyota Class Action Law Suit Filed in Southern District of Texas

Plaintiffs, Sylvia Pena and Albert A. Pena, III have sued the Toyota Motor Corporation in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas alleging Breach of Implied Warranty of…

Jesse E. Guerra Jr.

Four Dead in Toyota Avalon

According to news sources, www.star-telegram.com/news/story/1926373.html., four people drowned in Southlake. The four were driving in a Toyota Avalon at approximately 45 miles per hour. Police have…

Chrissie Cole

Truck Plummets 40-Feet Off Cliff Near Corpus Christi

Eighteen people were injured on Tuesday, when a pickup truck transporting illegal immigrants from Guatemala to Mexico, plummeted 40 feet off a cliff in southwest Texas.
According to authorities,…

Chrissie Cole

Corpus Christi Teen Arrested After Hit-And-Run

A woman, 18, was arrested following a hit and run accident that sent a woman to the hospital Monday night, according to Corpus Christi police.
Police arrived to find the woman, 26, lying in the…

Chrissie Cole

Baby Unharmed When Car Crashes Through Home

A baby, sitting in his stroller, was nearly hit when a vehicle crashed through his house on Sunday night.

The baby, appeared unharmed, but was taken to the hospital as a precaution. He was less than…

Chrissie Cole

Report Outlines 10 Most Dangerous Corpus Christi Intersections

Members of Corpus Christi’s Traffic Department and city officials were given an update on the city’s most dangerous intersections.
The monthly report is a collection of information…

Chrissie Cole

Bicyclist Struck By Drunk Driver

A pedestrian on a bicycle was struck by a drunk driver this evening, according to police.
The truck, carrying a boat behind it, struck Glenn Scott Westfall, 34, on his bicycle. He was transported…

Chrissie Cole

Texas Woman Trapped For Half Hour Following Crash

A woman was trapped in her car for thirty-minutes following a single car accident Saturday after allegedly ran into a traffic light.
The accident happened just after 12:30 a.m. at the…