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Jesse E. Guerra Jr.
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Golf Cart Injuries are soaring higher than Tiger Wood's Drives

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According to a recent article in Time Magazine, golf carts injuries are soaring to new heights. The Center for Injury research and Policy in Columbus, Ohio has reported a 132% increase in emergency room visits due to golf cart injuries.

The injuries were ranging from minor injuries to major injuries such as concussions, fractures, and hemorrhages.
According to Time Magazine, the increase is part of a move by senior citizen communities and other residential communities using golf carts as vehicles to get around the neighborhood. Another reason is that the carts are getting up to faster speeds and can be harder to control and brake in different situations.

Some safety tips they offered were; 1. mandate a minimum driver age of sixteen, 2. wearing helmets, 3. breaking slowly, and 4. paying attention while driving the cart.

While the golf cart looks casual, it should be treated with caution and respect.

So next time your out on the course or the street with a golf cart, remember that safety is key to staying healthy and out of the hospital.