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Driver Charged With Intoxication In SUV Rollover Accident

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Six people were ejected from their SUV when it rolled over. Police are investigating the crash, but believe alcohol was a prime factor in the rollover accident.

The driver of the SUV, traveling at a high rate of speed, took a wide turn off of Rand Morgan and headed down Leopard when he lost control of the vehicle, went into a ditch and rolled over several times before coming to rest, according to witness statements given to police.

The drive faces a felony – intoxication assault charge. Three adults and three children were thrown from the SUV and transported to the hospital following the accident, according to police.

CCPD Lieutenant Brown told KRIS 6 News, “We were able to talk to the two young siblings and they had told us they were wearing seatbelts. But they’re all three fairly small children and they didn’t have car seats, chances are they were still ejected.”